Indigenous Policing Services

The BC RCMP Indigenous Policing Services is committed to RCMP’s National priority of contributing to safer and healthier Indigenous communities.

The BC RCMP works actively throughout our 200 plus Indigenous communities to develop, implement and support initiatives and programs that ultimately contribute to safer and healthier communities.

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Programs and services

There are currently a number of programs in place to attract, employ, recruit, train, and expose Indigenous British Columbians to the world of policing.

Community and Public Safety Professional Certificate or Diploma (CAPS)

B.C. RCMP members are active instructors in CAPS offered through the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology in Merritt. CAPS prepares students for a career in the public safety sector. Graduates will be able to use their certificate to pursue applying to their field of interest within public safety agencies.

For more information about CAPS, please contact the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT)

Indigenous Gang Unit in B.C.

The BC RCMP Indigenous Gang Awareness Coordinator (IGAC) works with local First Nations Policing (FNP) members, detachments, communities, police, or service agencies with the following: Indigenous gang related community and law enforcement presentations

Reporting any gang activity

If you have information about Indigenous gang activity:

For any Indigenous gang related matters, contact BC RCMP Indigenous Gang Awareness Coordinator at 778-290-2401.

Division Liaison Team

The RCMP in British Columbia has created a liaison team responsible for outreach efforts to various groups, associations and communities. The Division Liaison Team was formed to build relationships with various interest groups and communities so that we may assist in facilitating a safe environment for everyone exercising their charter rights. It is the goal of the DLT to work with all groups that are planning and executing events so that they are able to fulfill their objectives in the safest manner for everyone


Indigenous recruiters are travelling throughout BC to talk to future police officers about opportunities with the RCMP. Seminars, talks and career fairs are among the many ways new recruits are hearing firsthand about making a difference as members of the RCMP.

Learn more about employment opportunities with the RCMP.

For more details please contact the Indigenous Recruiting Coordinator at 778-290-2278.

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