Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit

Who is the BC Unsolved Homicide Unit:

British Columbia’s Unsolved Homicide Unit (UHU) is a dedicated, standalone investigative team within the BC RCMP Major Crime Section, that assists RCMP Detachments, units and Municipal Police Departments with investigations into unsolved homicides and missing person’s cases where foul play is expected. UHU focusses on cases where progress has been made in identifying a suspect(s).

How does the BC Unsolved Homicide Unit help:

The Unsolved Homicide Unit works solely on files that they take from detachments, units and police departments. The full-time unit has the ability to scale, or increase investigators from the BC RCMP, partner agencies and speciality support areas as required in order to further the investigation, determine who is responsible and bring the individual or individuals involved before the courts for the victims and their families.
There is no time limitation on cases and often time can be both a challenge and an opportunity for investigators. Time can allow investigators to use new forensic techniques, intelligence, case law and approaches to help advance the case.

How can you help: 

The ultimate goal of any Unsolved Homicide Unit investigation is to find who is responsible for committing a murder and holding them accountable – for the sake of the victims and their families and friends.

Homicide investigations are some of the most complex that police officers undertake, and no unsolved file is ever closed. Investigators continually review unsolved cases and often a single tip can be the break police need.

If you have any information about a homicide it is vitally important that you bring it to the police or call Crime Stoppers to report it. Never assume that it is unimportant or that somebody else would have reported it – the smallest bit of information could be the piece of the puzzle that investigators need to solve a case.

How to report information:

There are three ways that a person can get information to the police:

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