Holiday Season Safety Tips

‘Tis the season to deck the halls…falalalala lala la la! Yes… it is already that time of year again! Holiday festivities (and chaos!) are just around the corner and there is no better time to ensure that you and your family are safe.

Holiday Season Safety Infographic

It's part time graphic, showing wine glasses, taxi and a clock

The Holiday Season Safety infographic provides tips on:

Additional Tips

Around the house…

Christmas Tree

christmas decoration



If a crime has occurred, Do NOT enter your home.

Mail Theft

The holiday season is a busy time for couriers, Canada Post and mail thieves.

Having a party

wine glasses

With holiday parties about to swing into full gear, are you prepared to be a responsible host? Follow these tips to ensure your party is a hit and your guests make it home safe.

Have a plan to prevent drinking and driving.

Keep the focus off alcohol.

What to do if a guest is drunk

Driving Home

Remember, drinking and driving kills. The choice to drive or not to drive is yours. Please be a responsible adult and make the right choice. You could be saving a life and it might be yours.

Get a free ride from Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose logo

Operation Red Nose is a nation-wide volunteer driving service and awareness campaign, dedicated to preventing drinking and driving.

Three person teams can be called to drive you and your vehicle home safely between the hours of 9:00 pm and 3:00 am, with donations being redistributed to local youth organizations.
Avoid making a mistake that could harm yourself and others, and instead give to those in need. Talk about getting into the holiday spirit!

Local phone numbers for Operation Red Nose can be found on their website at:

When doing your shopping

At a store

Online Shopping

Is it a reputable retailer? Only shop at reputable e-commerce sites. Look for the lock symbol and https at the beginning of the URL, this shows the site uses a secured encryption to protect your data.

Meet in public places. When purchasing items from individuals online, don’t complete transactions in their home or yours. Instead, arrange to meet in a public place like a mall or coffee shop.

Have you checked the blacklist? Before buying a smartphone, check the status of your device in Canada to ensure it was not stolen.

Avoid charity scams

Fraudsters can take advantage of the holiday season by creating bogus fundraising operations. Ensure your donations are going to legitimate charities by logging onto the Better Business Bureau of British Columbia. The web site has information on charities and businesses in the province. 

Watch out for phishing and SMiShing.

It is a tactic used to acquire your personal information such as passwords, user name and credit card details. The email/text will often include a link to a website that masquerades as a real site from a bank or retailer asking you to login to confirm your password or update your personal information.

Enjoying the Outdoors

A winter wonderland can pose many hazards for pedestrians and vehicles alike. Consider the following safety tips this winter before leaving the house.

Winter walking

Not only is walking a great way to stay fit, there is no better time to do it than when the air is crisp, the ground is covered in snow, and you can really enjoy the beauty of the season.

Going on a road trip?

Before heading out to a back country

Plan and be prepared.

Join your local snowmobile club. You will be amazed with the people and wealth of experience that the club has to offer.

Do you know where your kids are tonight?

Listen to the sample audios (mp 3) to get an idea on how kids can easily get involved in:

  1. Underage Drinking (.mp3, 980KB)

    Girl : Hey so did you get the weed from your guy?

    Guy: Yea I picked it up after school. This party is going to be wicked.

    Girl: I know! I can’t believe Jamie’s parents are leaving her alone for the weekend, were going to trash the place. Is your brother still going to boot for us? Cause I’ve got 200 bucks from the girls for vodka coolers.

    Guy: Yea, he’d better or else I’ll just take his ID and get it my self.

    Girl: Ok good ‘cause other wise they are going to be really mad.

    Do you know where your kids are tonight? Take the time to find out.
    Brought to you by your local RCMP

  2. Underage Drinking (.mp3, 729KB)

    Guy 1: Did you get your dad’s truck this weekend?

    Guy 2: Yea, I told him I needed it for taking out your boat. Hey ah, did you find us some pallets to burn, or are we just going to steal some lumber again?

    Guy 1: Yea we’ll just jack some lumber, from a construction site and then head up to the gravel pit, and get the girls hammered. Let the night go from there...

    Guy 2: Nice, well Jessica wanted to try drinking and I’ll just get her drunk and see what she’ll do with me.

    Do you know where your kids are tonight? Take the time to find out.
    Brought to you by your local RCMP


    Car Racing
  3. Car Racing (.mp3, 723KB)

    Guy 1: Hey so my dads out of town and he’s leaving the keys to his mustang, you wanna race me tomorrow night?

    Guy 2: Yeaaa, I’ll race you any day, I just put new tires on my civic. You wanna put something down on this race?

    Guy 1: Sure my parents are leaving me like 100 bucks for food, I’ll bet you that.

    Guy 2: Nice, well I don’t have the cash but I’ve got 100 bucks in weed in the shed I’ll bet you.

    Do you know where your kids are tonight? Take the time to find out.
    Brought to you by your local RCMP


  4. Drug Use - Ecstasy (.mp3, 740KB)

    Girl 1: Hey so me and Steph got a bunch of pink spray paint and are going to the park tonight and school to tag it up. Do you want to come?

    Girl 2: Sure, can I tell my mom that I'm sleeping over at your house?

    Girl 1: Yea sure, just give your Mom my cell phone number and Steph can pretend to be my Mom. Hey , ah, I don’t if your are into this but me and steph are getting tired of weed so she scored us some E. Do you want her to get you some too?

    Girl 2: Sure, I’ve always wanted to try it.

    Do you know where your kids are tonight? Take the time to find out.
    Brought to you by your local RCMP


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